Grand Canyon Outfitters Association Executive Director Description

Grand Canyon Outfitters Association

Executive Director

Position: Executive Director for the Grand Canyon Outfitters Association

Time/Wage: Full Time. Wage package commensurate with experience.

Supervisor : Executive Committee/Grand Canyon Outfitters Association

Job Description: As the executive director of the Grand Canyon Association, the successful candidate will create the main thrust when dealing with issues concerning rafting outfitters. This position requires the person to be an information specialist; developing creative ideas for the purpose of promotional materials. In addition the job requires that the candidate have the ability to write and make oral presentations in a public forum. The director must be passionate about the issues surrounding the Grand Canyon especially those that may affect river outfitters, their guests and employees. The job requires a professional attitude, appearance, and ability to reflect the image and positions of the association. The director should have a tireless work ethic and be able to demonstrate that he/she can work in different environments from media, federal and state agencies, outfitter guests, and member outfitters.

Job Requirements:

1. Must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

2. The candidate must have a high degree of knowledge about Grand Canyon issues.

3. The job requires that the candidate must be able to formalize, maintain and articulate a formal budget.

4. Must have various computer skills including; word processing, spread sheets and data base capabilities.

5. A college degree is not a requirement, but would be considered a major assets for this position.

6. The job requires the candidate to have an easy going style that makes contacts come easy and allows enthusiasm and passion for the association and itŐs goals to be shown.

7. The candidate must be able to formalize annual budgets, develop yearly goals, and must be able to react to rapid changes with concise affective determination.

8. The director must be able to seek out all member outfitters views and be able to convey the message consistent with association goals.

9. The position requires that the director be well organized, have an affective managerial style and must be able to get others to work consistent with those standards.

10. The candidate must be able to relocate to an area in the state of Arizona, within an easy commute to the Grand Canyon.

11. The position will require traveling within the state of Arizona and some interstate traveling might be required.

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