Jeff Williams' FAQ. (98/08)

Darrell Greenwood's compilation:
1. Who is Jeff Williams?

Jeffrey A. Williams, <>, has claimed in
postings to various lists:

-- to have been the Chief Executive Officer and is the Co-Founder of
the 2.2 billion dollar privately held employee owned INEG. INC

-- to be the Director of Internet Network Engineering and Senior
Java/CORBA Engineer for the Information Network Engineering Group,

-- to be an ex-IBM Fellow,

-- to have a law degree from SMU Law School

-- to have degrees in business management and electronic engineering

-- to have served as a judge for 7 years,

-- to be a member of the IETF

-- to serve on several medium sized business boards and on the boards
of several banks

-- to be the author of two books and is working on a third

-- to own 3 ISPs, including Frisco net and Wiltel, with 1.6 million users

-- to have been a fighter pilot with USMC, flying missions in Chile
and for the DEA, as a reserve pilot in the USMC, stationed out of
Grand Prairie air station just south of Dallas.

-- to have spent several years in NIS (Naval Investigative Service)


-- Jeff's 'INEG. INC' does not exist except as a fantasy in Jeff
Williams' mind.

-- Jeff changed the name of the company in his .sig, in Jan 1998,
from  'Information Eng. Group' to Information Network Eng. Group.
INEG. INC., when the real Information Engineering Group
<>, became aware of Jeff's use of their

-- SMU Law School Registrar's office, (214) 768-2618, disclaims all
knowledge of Jeff.

Jeffrey A. Williams is a fake and an imposter.


2. Why should I take care in sending private email to Jeff Williams?

He may post it to the list. Ironically, in his postings of others'
private email so far the content has been counter-productive to his
reputation and credibility. You should presume any email to him will
posted to the list.


3. Is there other material available on Jeff Williams?

Darrell Greenwood 
Vancouver, BC     

Jim Dixon's observations:

Comparing his statements in public and private email, I noted at one
point that Jeff Williams was flying combat missions over Laos at the
age of two.  He was at the time a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines
commanding a squadron based at Tan Son Nhut, near Saigon.  These
aircraft must certainly have been exceedingly well camouflaged, as
I never noticed them on my visits there.

Describing Darell's FAQ as obscene is absurd.  He is doing a public

Jim Dixon                                                 Managing Director
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The Mysterious Individual known as "Frank Rizzo" (frizzo@BERNIE-KOSAR.COM -- check out supports Jeff Williams. However, Mr Rizzo is himself almost certainly a spoof of Williams:
>  Sure was.  VMF 214.  Black Sheep.

Colonel Jeff Williams, I knew I recognized you. I served under you from '65
to '67 in Laos. Wow, those were some crazy times. Great to hear from you
again. Folks, we all should thanks that this list is graced by so great a
mna os Colonel Jeff Williams. He flew supply missions in V2.1 Apache
Heliocpters, as well as many other great events. I distictly remember Jess
servijng pancakes to over 200 homeless civilians, out of his own good will
and his own pocket. 
But "Jeff Williams" says:
> Colonel Jeff Williams, I knew I recognized you. I served under you from '65
> to '67 in Laos.

  This couldn't be.  As I was not in Vietnam durring that time.

[The Apache helicopter is an attack craft, not a supply craft, and the US military took delivery of the first one in 1984 -- kc]

Some further research on the part of Michael Dillon, from an email dated Thu, 6 Aug 1998:

On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Jeff Williams wrote:

>   Again Kent, who is this "They", you are referring to?  We have over24k
> in our organization that disagree with your assertion.  We can 
document it.
> Can you?                                                              

> Jeffrey A. Williams                                                         
> DIR. Internet Network Eng/SR. Java/CORBA Development Eng.
> Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.                   
> E-Mail                        

We seem to have a company with 24,000 employees named INEG Inc. that
leaves no trace of its existence beyond the email messages written by one I just searched Altavista using

   INEG and "Information Network"
and was not able to find a trace of such a company. I suspect that this
company does not exist beyond Jeff Williams and that it will decline to
broadcast the CPSR meeting in San Francisco via the MBONE. The phone
number that Jeff gave, (972) 447-1894, leads to a residential hotel in
Dallas, TX, named Homestead Village at 17425 Dallas Parkway, not to a     
large corporation.                                

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