Over the past couple of years I have written a number of papers and other documents that have to do with DNS governance...

Global root zone characteristics
The State of Nature and Enforcement of TLD Policies
Description of a "Shared TLD Licensing Authority"
Email discussion of problems with alternate roots: part 1, part 2
Prior to this discussion, nobody in the alternate root community would admit that there were any technical issues at all with the scheme, and, given their emotional committement to the idea, that isn't too surprising. However, after this discussion a bit of reality began to sink in, though interestingly enough, they find it very difficult to credit the source... Protocol Spec for a shared registry system
Comments submitted to Congress, text version here
Comments on the NTIA "Green Paper", text version here
Comments on For-Profit registries
Early discussion of a "Root Zone Authority"
Discussion of "Null Zone Keys"

Here are some other papers of interest:

"Statement of Principles": the "MoU-Lite"
Judges ruling in the IODesign case