FORMATION OF THE CONSTITUENCY OF NON-COMMERCIAL DOMAIN NAME HOLDERS OF THE ICANN DOMAIN NAME SUPPORT ORGANIZATION This is a proposal by the INTERNET SOCIETY for the formation of the constituency of non-commercial domain name holders of the ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO). The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced on April 2, 1999 that it had adopted the bylaw changes designed to establish the basic framework for the creation of the three Supporting Organizations called for in the bylaws (including specific provisions establishing a DNSO).The revised bylaws will be posted no later than Friday, April 9. The FAQ's posted by ICANN staff have urged the formation of the constituencies of the DNSO prior to the scheduled meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors in Berlin on May 25-27, 1999, so that the Board can act on recognition of the initial constituencies The draft bylaws provide that each constituency shall self-organize, and shall determine its own criteria for participation. The FAQ's also indicate that the ICANN Board is expected to recognize the Names Council and General Assembly of the DNSO at the Berlin meeting so that the DNSO will be able to begin operation with whatever constituencies have been formed, recognized and selected representatives to the Names Council by that time. In order to carry out the provisions of the revised bylaws, the Internet Society has established this web site for organizations that wish to participate in the constituency of non-commercial domain name holders. (In order to avoid the risks of an unwieldy and unrepresentative body, this list is not open to individuals.) In order to be included on the list, please .....[insert instructions - click on???] LIST OF NON-COMMERCIAL DOMAIN NAME HOLDERS: THE INTERNET SOCIETY EDUCAUSE, INC. [subject to checking w/ Mark Luker} POLICY OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE