Re: Work on Charter -- call for help, comments, etc.

Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 06:14:21 PDT

On Thu, 10 August 2000, Adam Peake wrote:

> I think geographic diversity applies to the names council representative
> and takes priority over diversity in our Adcom.
In fact, it has the same weight. And I will tell you why:
Europe, Latin America and now North America, are not repesented in NC.
Lets say that the European representative doesn't want to participate in the new elecions, or lets say that the Eurpean representative at AdCom would participate and also other European candidate. If the other European Candidate wins, then the actual Eurpean AdCom representative has to resign, because, in fact, cannot be two European representative in the AdCom and have to be replaced with the North American and Latin American candidate.
This scenary is too complicate.

I propose that, be a primary election between North American candidates only. The winner, then will be in another election with the other two AdCom member which are not NC representative.

Ok, Ok...I know this is an extra procedure, but the concept is much simplier.

> Regarding mailing lists - I could not agree more. Need issue specific lists
> now!
> The discussion of gtlds might be more productive on a small list, and there
> was strong interest in Yokohama for a list on UDRP - in fact someone should
> have piece of paper with names and email addresses of people at the meeting
> who said they wanted to join such a list.
Also I am agree


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