[ncc-charter] Formal modifications

From: Milton Mueller (mueller@syr.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 21:10:26 PDT

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    Here are specific proposals:
    Kent, sorry to trouble you again, this can replace my earlier post on the
    site. Note that I have amended Sec. F again slightly.

    Let's get on with this, OK? --MM


    Insert after paragraph 2 of Section II:

    Political organizations that are non-governmental are eligible for voting
    status. A political organization shall be considered "non-governmental" if
    its primary purpose is to influence governmental or public policy, but not
    to hold governmental offices or to elect government officials. Ineligible
    political organizations are those whose primary purpose is to hold
    government offices and/or elect government officials. In unclear or
    borderline cases, the voting status of a political organization will be
    decided by the constituency membership after review of the application on
    its merits.

    Replace old section IV F:

    F. Provision for Replacement of NC members

    Name Council representatives may need to resign. In order to provide for a
    quick, effective, and representative method of replacing the constituency's
    NC members, the following section defines replacement methods.

    Each person running for Names Council representative may choose a
    replacement candidate
    with whom to run. The replacement candidate must be the designated
    representative of an
    organization that is a member of the NCC, and have the approval of that
    organization to run. The replacement must be a citizen of the same
    geographic region as the Names Council candidate. The names of the two
    individuals shall be listed together on the voting ballot. A Names Council
    candidate need not run with a replacement candidate.

    The replacement candidate shall not be a member of the Names Council until
    and unless the elected member formally resigns. If or when a resignation
    takes place, the replacement candidate immediately succeeds the elected
    candidate as the NC member for the rest of the original member's term.

    If a NC candidate who resigns does not have a replacement candidate, he or
    she will be succeeeded by the Adcom member who received the 4th highest vote
    total in the NC election.

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