Re: [ncc-charter] Re: Replacing Section F of the Charter

From: Milton Mueller (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 13:39:26 PDT

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    From: "Kent Crispin" <>

    > I do think it is important.

    Try telling me why. It will help.

    > > What is this debate really about? Will
    > > someone tell me?
    > The debate is about trying to come up with a decent interim charter, so
    > we can have a vote. Your proposal is obviously controversial;

    All proposals have been controversial. the vote, as you yourself pointed
    out, was split down the middle. But what you say below is irrelevant because
    it refers to the debate between the old alternate proposal and the Adcom

    > the whole
    > idea of alternates is obviously controversial, whether used for
    > seccession or for proxies. As Raul requested in his last message on the
    > topic, I put forth Nii's proposal as the last best attempt to move
    > forward; you seem deliberately intent on sabatoging that.

    Nii's proposal is controversial and does not address the problems I have
    repeatedly documented.

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