Re: [ncc-charter] Re: Charter revision

From: Milton Mueller (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 14:16:31 PDT

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    Kent Crispin wrote:

    > Personally, I would prefer a system where small members get three votes,
    > large members get 6 votes, and they can cast them however they choose.
    > I suspect that this view is not widely shared, but there is a reason for
    > it. :-)

    That's interesting! I proposed that a year ago, when the first NCC charter was
    being prepared. I argued then that it would encourage people not to be insular
    within their own regions, to take an interest in candidates outside their

    > Note that if you enforce a strict within-region voting policy, and we
    > continue the trend of 1 candidate per region, the regions with smallest
    > membership in the constituency will never get a NC rep. And no matter
    > what, if you enforce strict within-region voting, the regions with the
    > most members will over time dominate the NC.
    > I would personally prefer a system where we only vote for adcom members,
    > and the adcom members rotate through the NC on a strict basis, every 6
    > months, with 18 month terms:

    This is worth considering. If you do this, however, you should abandon the 6/3
    vote idea, because then which ever region had the most votes could elect all 5

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