Re: [ncc-charter] new words - where from?

From: Adam Peake (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 20:44:04 PDT

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    Kent, thank you.

    1. I would have put the new text on political party membership as the last
    paragraph in Section II, but a quibble. (I have an additional comment on
    non-voting I'll send separately.)

    2. Agree about returning to 1 year term. Current AdCom members were
    elected for 1 year.

    3. G. Replacement. Still refers to a "two-year term" Should be changed to
    1 year.

    4. Impeachment. Didn't YJ mention something about this in her notes on
    DNSO review? Is this something the Names Council and constituencies should
    be looking at for some consistency?

    Anyway, for now if we don't know what it means, suggest to the constituency
    that words about impeachment be removed until a process is agreed - work in
    progress item?



    >On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 07:28:41PM +0200, Dany Vandromme wrote:
    >> On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Adam Peake wrote:
    >>> Shouldn't we be using the February 2000 version of the charter as the basis
    >>> for amendments?
    >> -
    >> After I made changes to the initial draft, I would prefer you point out
    >> the changes suggested by Raul if they are significant. I would not redo
    >> the changes again, otherwise I will not get it done before next week.
    >> Thanks
    >> Dany
    >Dany, there are *many* significant differences, starting with the
    >title, and in my opinion we really cannot use the old charter as a
    >base. In the interests of time, I have edited your changes into
    >Raul's last posted version and posted it on the web site.
    >I did make a couple of small changes, and interspersed a couple of notes
    >about things that need to be fixed, IMHO. In particular, I marked the
    >new text about political parties, since that is a fairly substantial
    >addition, and I thought it should be highlighted. I also introduced the
    >abbreviation "AdCom", and used it in several places. I reworded the
    >segue following the "running mates" proposal so that it just flows
    >naturally into the following section, and marked it as an addition
    >rather than as an alternate, since the "AdCom selects" proposal is
    >not optional -- it is present in all versions.
    >Kent Crispin "Do good, and you'll be
    > lonesome." -- Mark Twain

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