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From: ceo@vany.org
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 14:28:40 PDT

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    Hi Dany anda ll:

    > II. Membership Criteria
    > Political organizations that are non-governmental are eligible for voting
    > status. A political organization shall be considered "non-governmental" if
    > its primary purpose is to influence governmental or public policy, but not
    > to hold governmental offices or to elect government officials. Ineligible
    > political organizations are those whose primary purpose is to hold
    > government offices and/or elect government officials. In unclear or
    > borderline cases, the voting status of a political organization will be
    > decided by the constituency membership after review of the application on
    > its merits.I still think that political parties can be voting members of the NCDNHC.

    > Further, membership is limited to organizations that are not also members
    > of other DNSO constituencies. We recognize that some organizations that
    > are non-profit and engage in non-commercial activities may be eligible for
    > other DNSO constituencies, but in order to focus the efforts of the
    > NCDNHC, such organizations are eligible for voting membership in the
    > NCDNHC only if they elect not to join other constituencies. They may,
    > however, join the NCDNHC as observer members.
    I think that the status should be "voting member" and "non-voting member". The word "observer" implies that a person cannot vote and also cannot share thoughts with the constituency.

    > We understand that many subgroups have separate interests and a separate
    > voice from their parent organizations. Those subgroups are welcome to
    > participate fully and actively in the Constituency as non-voting >members
    This also are non.voting members

    And then quality of observer can be granted to organizations and people who belongs to other constituencies or that are not neither voting and non-voting member in order that they receive the postings of this list but they cannot participate in the discussions (neither vote, of course). The only thing they should do is to fill a form with their data (because I am sure that we want to know who are the ones who are observing us...right?)

    > G. Replacement
    > =============================================
    > Option 2

    I am agre with option2. Also I like th
     Administrativee language that Dany uses here.


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