[ncc-charter] (From Adam) so it's done?

From: Adam Peake (peake@well.com)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 20:22:36 PDT

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    GLOCOM's mail servers have been slowed to a halt by a spam attack, I can't
    send or receive mail using <ajp@glocom.ac.jp> (why would such a thing happen
    when the network manager is on holiday in Thailand! He's having an
    interesting time calling Tokyo to try and fix the problem.)

    Anyway, I'll not be sending mail to this or the main NCC list for a few

    The charter <http://joy.songbird.com/ncc/oc1.txt> is fine by me. Well done.

    Good luck getting the election started. Kent, I have some email address
    updates for you.

    I can be reached at peake@well.com (if anyone has a fix for our mail
    servers... do let me know!)



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