ICANN-NCDNHC, Nov 13th, 2000



I- On-line


1) Resolutions/Positions may be prepared by any NCDNHC member. They should be circulated in advance of the NCDNHC meeting with final cut-off date for accepting new resolutions three weeks and accepting new positions two weeks before the date of the NCDNHC meeting.

  • Fast-track

Resolutions/positions may be added to the agenda after the cut-off date through appealing to the list. The Administrative committee (AdCom) will judge whether to add such "emergency" resolutions/positions to the agenda. No resolution can be added by the AdCom after the tenth day, preceding the NCDNHC meeting day, except when the motion is directly responsive to something posted on ICANN web site, less than 2 weeks before the meeting. Resolution adopted by this procedure will be so identified.

2) A discussion of the resolution should take place online among all NCDNHC members. People submitting resolutions are responsible for sending a copy, with any amendments following discussion on the mailing list, to the AdCom not later than two days before the date of the NCDNHC meeting.

AdCom and volunteers will print copies of the resolutions for distribution at the meeting and use the text for any amendments.


II- At the NCDNHC meeting.


3.) A person should be assigned to take note of amendments to resolutions/ positions.

(comment: a PC should be available with the text of submitted resolutions so resolutions as read and voted on can be recorded at the meeting.)

4.) Roll call of meeting attendees should be taken to determine how many voting members are in the room and on any conference call.

5.) Hard copy of the resolutions/positions should be distributed. Discussion points raised on the mailing list should be mentioned. A discussion of the resolutions/positions should take place at the NCDNHC meeting, and the text may be amended and modified based on this in person meeting.

6.) The amended text of the resolutions/positions should be read and a vote taken. Vote on a resolution shall be for, against or abstain.

7.) Immediately after the meeting, or as soon as possible, the revised resolutions/positions should be posted to the NCDNHC list for review of the changes and modifications.

8.) NCDNHC members unable to attend the face-to-face meeting or participate in any conference call should make best effort to read the resolutions/positions on the list and submit any comments.

9.) Barring substantial objection, the resolutions may be presented to the ICANN Board (generally meeting two days after the Constituency meetings) as a resolution of the NCDNHC meeting, with the board informed that the resolution has been put to the constituency list. The board should be informed of the number voting for/against/abstaining plus any support or otherwise from the list.

10. Where appropriate, meeting resolutions/positions will be discussed on the list after the face-to-face meeting and attempts made to have them put to the Board as consensus of the constituency. Resolutions may also be put to the Names Council.