gTLD-MoU Policy Advisory Body



  1. That we decide on a more formal mechanism for communicating our ideas and desires to iPOC.

  2. That this mechanism shall consist of one person (call him/her the "Chair") who speaks for PAB in communicating to iPOC and to the outside world.

  3. That another person (call him/her the "Secretary") shall be empowered to tally votes if are required, and that the Secretary shall record all each consensus reached according to the methods set out in the following paragraphs.

  4. That nominations shall be made for who the Chair should be, and that a vote is taken and tallied for his/her election.

  5. That the Chair shall attempt to assess consensus on the PAB list, and shall announce from time to time what he/she thinks that consensus is, before any communication of this consensus is made outside PAB.

  6. That if in response to the Chair's announcement of what his/her perceived consensus is, 10 or more PAB members object that there is not a consensus, the Secretary shall ask for and tally a vote on the issue at hand. If 75% of voting PAB members agree with the Chair's assessment, consensus shall said to have been achieved. If 25% or more of voting PAB members disagree with the Chair's assessment, consensus shall be said to have not been achieved, and the Chair shall attempt again to find consensus on the issue at hand.

  7. That upon achievement of consensus, the Chair shall communicate the consensus to iPOC and or other bodies.

  8. That the Chair shall, from the start, attempt to set in place a more formal structure for PAB based on the methods stated in the paragraphs above.

  9. That neither the Chair nor the Secretary shall hold their positions for more than three months, and that their role shall be seen as transitional while a more formal structure is put in place.

  10. That all votes and all discussion, for the purposes of deciding consensus, shall take place via this list.


Amendment One: Kevin Connelly, June 12
That a Reporter function be included to come up with a draft of the issue at hand, so that people can respond to a particular document rather than their memory of what happened on the list.

Amendment Two: John Charles Broomfield, June 12
That instead of one chair and a secretary, we should have a Chair, plus a Deputy Chair. That one attempt to develop consensus on legal, the other on technical issues. In the event that it is unclear under whose purview the issue falls, the Chair decides.

Amendment Three: John Charles Broomfield, June 12
That the Chair and Deputy Chair not be barred from eventually serving as PAB's two