Re: PAB Nom Charter 1st Draft

Robert F. Connelly (
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 18:21:04 +0900

At 10:35 PM 2/28/98 -0500, Kevin J. Connolly wrote:
>William Allen Simpson wrote:
>> Here is an example of a more complex domain. Changes are the purpose
>> (A.1), a new section describing non-terminal zones (A.4), and the
>> change
>> of term from "Second-Level" to "leaf" (B.1, B.2, B.4).
>> Nom Domain Charter
>> A. Purpose
>> 1. This Top-Level Domain is intended for the registration of
>> complete names of natural persons; for example,
>> John.Jacob.Hinkelmeijer.Smith.nom.

Dear Kevin et al:

In the first place, it's "Jimkelheimer.Schnidt".

In the second place, CORE will only register SLD's. Everything to the left of "smith" will be tertiary, quaternary LDs.

If some "smith" gets "smith.nom" wouldn't he/she have the right to farm out lower level domains to others?

Or will he be limited to letting his family use the domain, e.g. jacob-jinkelheimer@smith.nom?