Re: Official PAB position on competing registry administration authorities

Amadeu Abril i Abril (
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 20:57:33 +0200

Kevin J. Connolly wrote:
> Sascha Ignjatovic wrote
> {SNIP}
> > POC is not "independent"
> Another observation: where does the money to fund POC come from?
> You don't get three guesses :-)

No, you don't. POC is basically financed by its members (who are volunteers
contributing their time and sometimes some expenses) and perhaps some of their
employers, who also might "free" them form daily duties and often pays for the
expenses. CORE will pay basicaly for teleconfs and *some* travel expenses (a
tiny protuion, at least up to now).

Examples? Well, My personal "costs" to POC (ie CORE) the pirce of two dinners,
one in Brussels and one in Washingotn, if I'm not wrong. And there were not a
t my favoirte restaurants, by the way.....

(remember that POC expenses include also legal advice, administrtive tasks
performed by ISOC and the like. This is only very indeirect funding of POC).
> Let's not try to claim that POC is something that it's not. It's an
> oversight committee. Its legitimacy is in proportion to the belief of
> the Internet Community that it is protecting the interests of the
> community-at-large. The zen of the POC lies in deeds, not labels :->

Agreed 100%