Re: PAB The Multiple Monopoly Approach

John Charles Broomfield (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 14:32:48 -0400

Bob Helfant wrote:
> At 05:06 PM 2/27/98 -0400, John Charles Broomfield wrote:
> >Bob Helfant wrote:
> >You mean that you didn't have to throw away stationary that had the "old"
> >TLD on it? You mean you didn't have to redo publicity with the "old" TLD
> >on it? You mean you didn't have to inform EVERYONE who had your "old"
> >address that it had changed and here was the new one? You mean you
> >didn't get in touch with those webpages that had links to yours telling
> >them that they should re-do the links? You mean you didn't have to resubmit
> >to all the search engines all your pages again?
> >If it was like zero dollars, then did the company actually have ANY
> >activity before the change of TLD?
> >
> >Yours, John Broomfield.
> No, we didn't have to do any of those things because we kept the old SLD as
> well. Much as you would forward your mail or the phone number for a year
> after you move, we forwarded our email and URL. When we printed new cards,
> we put the new email address on it.
> Bob

Your "change" of TLD is not a change, it's rather a gradual phase-out.
The problem that we are always looking to when talking about the cost of
changing TLDs, is the case where you are FORCED out of your domain
because you have it "hijacked" by someone or because the registry kicks
out or blackmails you to an unacceptable level for whatever reason).
Your $0 cost was only $0 because you were keeping your old domain
under the old TLD.
Imagine that suddenly you have to get a new domain because the old
one no longer points towards you.
I would think that even today you are still resolving your old
domain, so you haven't de-facto changed 100% yet...

Yours, John Broomfield.