Re: PAB charters with teeth

David W. Maher (
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 13:25:47 -0600

At 09:53 AM 3/5/98 -0800, Kent Crispin wrote:
> The trademark interests will
>resist for a while, but in the end they will be better off once they
>realize that they simply can't search all the names.
DWM: you have no idea of the dogged determination and tenacity of the
trademark interests and their lawyers. If the search process is automated
(as I assume it will be), the searches will continue, regardless of the
number of TLDs. That is not to say that the "trademark interests" will
continue to find it in their economic interest to register and re-register
in every available TLD. Even today, that is not happening in the 200+
existing TLDs, with the exception of a very few globally famous trademarks.