PAB comments on green paper

Kent Crispin (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 01:14:57 -0800

Folks I have submitted the PAB comments on the Green Paper. I
recieved comments on it from Bill Simpson, Dave Crocker, Kevin
Connolly, Don Heath, David Maher, Bob Shaw, Dan Busarow, Roberto
Gaetano, and several others who have names that are not coming to me
this very moment (sorry). Some of these comments were long, and
required additions to what I originally wrote. Most comments added
stuff, or required me to clarify something.

I know from my web server logs that there were at least 40 downloads
of the document, which means that quite a few people read it without
commenting on it. Under the circumstances I take the silence to mean

The final version is at I submitted
it in Word 97 format, and ascii, but the master copy was an html document.

I would like to have worked on it more -- it's a far from perfect
document -- but due to personal time constraints I needed to finish
up. I hope you all will submit individual comments, as well -- the
body of support for the MoU that has appeared in the comments so far
is really pretty impressive.

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