PAB NSI comments (thanks to Bob Shaw)

Kent Crispin (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:17:36 -0800

Here's an interesting document from NSI -- I didn't see it on the
NTIA website, and I looked through all the submissions -- maybe I
missed it...

Here's an interesting quote:

The most critical operational issue facing the Internet today is the
control, robustness and security of the root system. NSI received
written instruction from NSF on October 2, 1997 to accept direction
only from the NSF under the Cooperative Agreement relative to the
management of the "A" root server. Some operators of the other root
servers do not acknowledge the NSF's authority. Without clear
authority and responsibility, the transition will be difficult to
achieve and risk of operational failure will increase. NSI
recommends that the U. S. government publicly assert its authority
over the root zone system in the final version of the Green Paper.

Here's another:

To facilitate the initial implementation of the non-profit company
(hereinafter referred to as "NPC") proposed in the Green Paper to
handle all Internet coordination functions, NSI recommends the
creation of a U. S. government-appointed Transition Board. This
Transition Board, rather than the Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority (IANA), should perform a number of preliminary functions
including setting the qualifications and processes for establishing
the new registries.

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