Re: PAB magaziner after comments ? + congratulations

Sascha Ignjatovic (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 00:34:27 +0100 (MET)

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Kent Crispin wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 25, 1998 at 08:05:38PM +0000, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > > From: Roberto Gaetano <>

what is the juridical framework under the mr.magaziners group is working?
-can they do "what ever they want" ?

or are the recieved comments something "binding" to them ?

should we not try to get a official contact - replay to/from them how the
evaluation process would go on ?

at least this information should be avaliable-also if they normaly work in

otherwise is there a juridical basis to bring them to the point to reveale
this information how they want to proceed in the matter ?
-maybe they dont know at the moment :-)

they can not "rule over our destinys" in "secret"

we have democracy and not a dictatorship where everything is done behind
closed dors and descided by a small group of people

it would be great if the wholle process could be done in a open and
transparent maner as it was done in the gtld-mou process

should we make a official PAB request to them how the evaluation process
would go on??

who like to formulate it and establish contacts?

mr.crispin mr.simpson together ?

i would apreciate it very much

there is nothing to loose with this move

a nice but determined contact with them should be apropriate

we can also consult with poc core isoc iana befor mybe they have some
more informations but i see no problem to have pab request the ntia doc
about the nexst steps

the preference of the internet community was prity clear and this give us
a stronger mandat in dealing with them even it is our duty and
responsibilitys to represent the community vuews in a more active way
than just to wait what will hapen as nexst

how you all think on that ?

thank you very much

ps.would a "lonly" request from pab be "weaker" than a "joint" request by
all gtld-mou organisations ?

or do we have the right to say

"so hier you have your comments so whats next"
knowing that the "majority" is on our side :-)

or should "we-the people/organisations" "determine" whats next ?
becouse we have a "mandat" from the internet community

pps.i like to congratulate dr.postel for the success and tremendous work
he hase done and for the strong and lasting leadership he give us

our hopes and belives are in his hands

we are behind you dr.postel

you have a strong suport from the internet community wich is more than
suport from any lobyying or industrie group

thank you