Re: PAB Humming: Who should reply the queries to "pab-submit"?

Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim (
Mon, 04 May 1998 09:38:30 +0800


Thank you very much for your email.

Kent Crispin wrote:

>> - is the pab obligated to reply every query ?
>> or is it just a courtesy ? why yes ? why not ?
> There is obviously no obligation to reply.

I am not happy with this idea as I am not happy with the same
attitude of IAB and IANA! Then, what is the point to have
<> ?

I would like to suggest (if technically possible), every email
to pab-submit will get an autoreply that says something like:

"thank you for <blah blah blah>, <blah blah blah due recent
spamings>, your email will be forwarded to the pab *AFTER*
you reply this email stub <blah blah blah why>, the PAB will
make the best effort to reply every email, however the PAB
reserve to right for not replying your email,
<blah blah blah, why>"

Obviously, it has to be as polite as possible.

> The query, for example, could be "How would you like to make
> a million dollars in your spare time?"

this will get filtered as PASS #1 above.

>> - who should reply, the pab or the pab individu ?
>> should a diclaimer be mandatory ?
> These would be matters for PAB to decide. No formal decisions have
> been made on these topics.

I would like to suggest we make about 10 - 20 "standard" points,
point #1: please visit <>,
<>, and read the gtld-mou at
point #2: the FAQs are at <>
point #3: <blah blah blah>


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