Re: PAB Call for POC nominations (fwd)

Rick H. Wesson (
Wed, 27 May 1998 13:04:24 -0700 (PDT)

If anyone would like to nominate me to the POC,
here are the piticulars... I just won't do it myself =)



Rick Wesson
Sr. Software Engineer
StockPower, Inc.,
415.743.4811 (w)
415.567.6836 (h)

I have served as PAB Co-Chair and chaired 2 BOFs in the IETF on
new/alternative/generic TLDs. I've lisened for several years on the lists,
run one list (NEWDOM), and partiticpated in the discussions, I have worked
on CORE's initial formation allong with many others, and ran the second
PAB voting process,

I have no intention of ever making anything off any venture related
to internat names and numbers. I only have a sincear intrest and passion
on the subject. Altho I prefer programming to politics, I would like to
participate in the POC.



On Tue, 26 May 1998, Sascha Ignjatovic wrote:

> Procedure:
> 1. This message is the call for nominations, which should be sent
> to by the closing date of 24 June 1998.
> TO **
> 2. Each nomination must give the name, affiliation, email address
> and phone number of the nominee, plus a brief statement (maximum
> 10 lines) about the nominee's technical and international credentials.
> 3. Self-nominations are allowed.
> 4. The IAB will verify each nominee's willingness to serve for two
> or three years.
> 5. The list of willing nominees will be published by the IAB shortly
> after the closing date. Confidential comments from the community will
> be solicited. The IAB will then make its two appointments as quickly
> as possible, and announce them at or before the August IETF.
> 6. Apart from the above, the IAB will be guided in its deliberations
> by the procedures defined in RFC 2282.
> 7. Nominees must accept that a recall procedure, analagous to that
> defined in RFC 2282, may be invoked at any time during their terms.
> Brian Carpenter (IAB Chair)