Re: PAB white paper is out

Rick H. Wesson (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 12:27:37 -0700 (PDT)


i lisened to the real audio version of the press confrence and
when folks asked who was going to take part in this new organization
the speaker said that it would be formed from the internet community and
the stake holders.

the speaker <i forget her name> didn't name any organizations, and
even when asked about POC an CORe and IANA, she said that they would
work with them; but there needed to be a *new* process.

you are providing what i would like to believe would be the best case for
the gtld-mou but that isn't what i herd in the press conf.


> and stating there that this new iana will be inchargt to resolve all the
> importend isues..!
> it looks not so bad so far !?
> so the question is how the internet users would be representd-becouse
> they are 7 there would be
> a) run for it :-)
> b) trying to "control" it :-)
> as iana and from its initiated gtld process prefers the foundation of pab
> and wanted pab to chose representants of the internet community
> pab could consist to be and more than that it could be the organisation
> where the internet users can be representad and chose their representants
> to new iana
> as mr.crispin hase shape it some times ago
> tell me if i am wrong :-)
> thanks
> sascha