Re: PAB white paper is out

Dave Crocker (
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 20:45:16 +0200

At 10:48 AM 6/8/98 -0400, Bob Helfant wrote:
>You would lead us all down the path again? Why not let IANA do its new job


Small matters of fact get in the way with your comments:

1. IANA does not have a new job. It has the same job it's had for 15
years. What is going to be new is its legal home and funding source.
That's all.

2. As so many people like to forget, the IAHC work was commissioned by
IANA and approved by IANA, so all that was being stated was the hope that
we will not have further and unnecessary delays to implementing that work.

At 04:47 PM 6/8/98 -0400, Bob Helfant wrote:
>The finacial interest is what is driving the whole ball of wax. This is
>not a cult anymore.

I don't know what Internet you've read about or been dealing with, but it
was never a "cult", Bob, and it's not very helpful for you to choose such
deprecating and dismissive terminology in a discussion.

You might, instead, remember that this technology was originally developed
by the military and it has been dominated by commercial interests for
roughly 10 years. No doubt that's before your time, but it's been
mentioned before.


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