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this was my replay to mr.flemings mail


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Subject: Re: Is the ISOC creating a subsidiary called the IANA Inc. ?


becouse you may be on the kill-list of mr.heath-maybe me too to one of
this cc list: people :-) and he may not reading this mail let me give you
my insignificant personal vuew on your questions

the informations you are refering too are parts from a privat
discussion on the pab list between some persons who have posted their
privat thougts and questions in some case also not well informed ones
about the background and history of the internet and the present situation

it is no wunder that people are thinking around how the
new internet selforganised organisation for management of the internet dns
would/could look like and how the cooperation with other organisations
could be

as isoc/iab/iana
iesg arin
ietf ripe
irtf apnic

and its founders are one of the oldest and most aknowledged and
importendst people and organisations wich hase found and build up the
internet - of course with the participation of millions other
organisations companys governments privat people etc - and they
represent the basic infrastructure for the proposed internet
self-governance -now the instruments of organisations for internet
self-governance would be enlargened by the old/new organisation

the "new iana"

the "new" hier refers that some other importend organisations and
internet stake holders would be incorporated in this internet self
governace organisation

it is no secret that isoc/iana/ietf-with to it related organisations
like arin ripe apnic and many others
are the only GLOBAL internet self governance organisations
and that the internet is organising itself in that way
having this organisations cooperating with each others
and together with all others internet stakeholders and governments

becouse isoc and iana hase worked together from the begining of internet
i hope very much that they would continue to cooperate and to help
organising a kind of global internet self-governance for the good
of the internet as wholle where everybody would have a place and peace
and maximal posibility for progress

i have no problem having isoc beeng incorporated in US becouse they give
me more chance to participate in it and its global activities than my
local government would give me in hunderd years :-)

isoc is a the only global internet organisation wich is taking care on
ALL aspects of the global internet

scientifical/technical political economical cultural etc..

for further informations about the history of the internet and the
ietf isoc relations please go to

i would like hier to thank and congratulate the american government for
the increadible wise and great step not to interfare to much into the
internet and let it dynamicaly evolve as it hase done in the past and let
it finds ist own way of beeng managed and governed

and i like to thank isoc and iana for beeing the main educators and
leaders in the direction of internet self-governance concept specially
mr.heath and mr.postel for its hard angagement for it

thank you very much
ps.those are my personal views

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Jim Fleming wrote:

> Don,
> Is the U.S.-based, ISOC creating a subsidiary called the IANA Inc. ?
> Also, is the IETF a division of the ISOC as you seemed to
> indicate in your recent testimony to Congress ?
> Jim Fleming
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