Re: ISOC/IETF *ARE* International Bodies[was: PAB nIANA facts]

Camillo Pasquariello (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 13:19:45 -0400

Dave Crocker wrote:

> For some people, the term "international" refers to "between nations" as in
> requiring treaties and the like. That is, the word is a formal term of art
> and they do not like having it used in other ways. The IAHC originally was
> tasked to work on iTLDs, where the 'i' meant internaional. This point of
> sensitivity about the word was why we changed to 'generic'.
> Similarly, the IETF has consierable global standing, but it is not a formal
> treaty organization.
> d/


DAVE, et al -

Sometimes I think the Internet Community is too darn
'sensitive' and should be more assertive about it's truly
international character!

ISO and IEEE are examples of internationally recognized,
private-sector [ie non-governmental] standards bodies, and
have no sensitivity at all to the use of the word
"international" in describing themselves.

/C.Joe P-->