J. William Semich (
Wed, 24 Jun 98 09:34:50 EST5EST

Hello Robert;

There have been some discussions afoot that indicate the ITU and IANA
(or whomever) are discussing the possibility of the ITU getting involved
in managing some TLDs (perhaps ccTLDS, whatever); some questions arising
about the purpose of the recent survey of the ISO ccTLDs by the ITU (and
posting of ccTLD info on the ITU site); there has also been a posting at
the ITU site (since 1996) indicating it is involved in managing the .int

Can you clarify what the ITU's interests are viz managing *any* TLDs,
and if you have any plans to get involved, if discussions are under way
with anyone, how that would jibe with the ITU's "treaty" roles, etc?

Just to clear the air, as it were <smile>.

Many Thanks,

Bill Semich (NIC JWS7)
Internet Users Society

Bill Semich
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