Re: PAB [ooblick@NETPOLICY.COM: Open Letter to the Internet Community]

Perry E. Metzger (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 23:20:14 -0400

Kent Crispin writes:
> The current situation is that CIX (a large US-based group of ISPs) is
> currently running things -- in particular, it appears that Barbara
> Dooley (head of CIX) is doing it all now. I recently heard that she
> is dealing with a personal sadness that inclines me to a sympathetic
> perspective, but I think it is fair to say that she has never been a
> friend of the MoU.

CIX *once* was a large US ISP group, but it lost its relevance long
ago, following certain foolish decisions they made back in the days
when they ran the major exchange point for internet trafic (which they
no longer do as a result of what they did).

It is now, largely, a self perpetuating group looking for a reason to
exist. No one pays attention to them outside of this process.