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Ivan Pope (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 15:49:11 +0000

>At 02:20 AM 6/27/98 +0000, William Allen Simpson wrote:
>>I'm sorry, but as I'm only a member of this (PAB) list and IETF list,
>>I'm having rather a hard time following the acronymns. I don't
>>understand who/what/where is GIAW and IFPW. Anyone willing to
>Dear William:
>Long time no hear!
> is the name of a web site of an employee of NSI, who called for
>the "Constitutional Convention", a cover up for her bosses.
>IFWP is the "International Forum on/for the White Paper", a group separate
>from GIAW, calling a meeting on the same 1-2 July 1998. IFWP has been
>recognized by ISOC.

A crucial body on the mysterious IFWP is the 'Steering Committee'. On the
IFWP Web site, the steering committee consists of a list of organisations.
There is no indication of who actually sits on this committee, how it is
organised or who constructed it. However, Jim Dixon from EuroISPA has
stated that although EuroISPA is listed as a Steering Committee member,
they have no knowledge of such a steering committee.
Considering how much flak IAHC took for its method of organisation, I think
it is vital that similar questions are now asked about attempts to form
successor organisations.