Re: PAB Re: Consensus

Jay Fenello (
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 02:10:16 -0400


You are objecting to a one paragraph summary of a six
hour group discussion. Here are some subtleties:

This is only the first meeting in the IFWP process.
More will follow. We have the EC meeting on the 7th,
the INET meeting on the 24th and 25th, and the Asia/
Pacific meeting on August 12th. We have various
discussion lists that are all dedicated to these
issues, including this one.

Everyone who participates in *any* of these activities
was defined as an IFWP participant! And that includes
Kent Crispin, Dave Crocker, and Sascha Ignjatovic!

That's why we were able to get consensus on this item,
otherwise the many CORE, ISOC, and International members
of this working group would have objected. They didn't.


Jay Fenello
President, Iperdome, Inc.

"None of us knows where all this is heading, but if we get
it right, we have an opportunity that only comes once every
couple of hundred years."
-- Ira C. Magaziner

At 05:56 AM 7/4/98 +0200, Sascha Ignjatovic wrote:
>> > > 2. As a whole, the IFWP participants should act as the principle
>> > > incorporators of the new organization. In other words, we can be
>> > > considered to be *the* stakeholders. [Emphasis added]
>they are not autorised to represent anybody mostly of the time the
>organisations they claim to represent dont know anything about this/them
>and therefor can not be the "principle incorporators" of anything..!
>it is not a internet stakeholder community efort but rather a effort of a
>vuew persons companys and organisations to claim they represent the WHOLLE
>internet stakeholder community and therefor they should be the PRINCIPLE
>if ANY they may represent a VERY SMALL portion of the internet stakeholder
>we should not use this ugly name "international forum on white paper"
>to describe the internet community efforts or anything else
>..or even uglyer GIAW (Global Incorporation Alliance Workshop)
>this names are oversized missleading and nonsaying as all names chosen by
>the same people who was oponents to the gtld-mou and tryied to build
>"something better" by their own
>"international forum on white paper".. on what?
>white toalet paper ?
>white school paper ?
>white paper with nothing on it ?
>and for that you need a "international forum" ?
>GIAW (Global Incorporation Alliance Workshop) ?
>this names says what it intends to be
>vuew companys claims to be the global "incorporation alliance workshop"..?
>they are so ugly who is thinking them out anyway ?
>he musst have really a bad taste or no humor at all
>becouse those names are bad jokes :-(
>not with me !
>i dont accept the "leadership" of this people and they are not the
>legitime "global internet stakeholder efforts organisers"
>never was and never be
>please IANA beware us of such "incorporating" and "leadership" eforts
>thank you
>ps.very personal