Re: PAB Re: Consensus on "iana incorporation"

Jay Fenello (
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 05:46:28 -0400


As you've referenced below, I too have had concerns
with the IFWP process. And there *were* some problems.
I even said so at the conference! But one thing is
certain -- the conference was a success.

It was a success because it helped people with different
opinions find their common ground. It also helped them
build rapor and trust.

If we are going to self-govern the Internet, then we
must stop trying to win a zero-sum game. It's time for
the Internet community to start working together on this
historic process.

I hope that you can attend the next IFWP event in Europe.
I'd very much like to meet you, so that we can find our
common ground as well.


At 09:39 AM 7/4/98 +0200, Sascha Ignjatovic wrote:
>i/we dont like ("ifwp")
>-the name
>-the origine and motive of it
>-home page colors
>-nonposibility to participate as individuum/small-organisation/company
>-the false claims to represent this and that organisation
>-the intention/statement that it is the main incorporator
> *iana is that one!*
> -never forget this!-
> claiming to be the "main incorporator" is the main point of critics
> instade to say "we are just one of groups we do our best and we accept
> iana as the main consensus building incorporator"
> they took to rolle of iana and propagate them self
> as "iana independent" becouse they are going to "incorporate iana" ?
>do you smell something ..?
>"..pfuiii .. hier stinks something! what is it..?"
> "We're going to succeed together or fail together with
> ----> this," said Barbara Dooley, executive director of the
> she ? Commercial Internet Exchange Association and one of
>the leader? the conference organizers.
>"who" is cix
>any/more/way ?
>to be the But the meeting's hasty planning, done by volunteers in
>"community" two weeks' time, has resulted in criticism from groups
>and "niana" many people have been left out of event
>"leader"? preparations.
> "I'm extremely encouraged by the depth and breadth of
> the people attending," said Jay Fenello, president of
> Iperdome, a small Internet-services and
> domain-name-registrar company. "But the way the
> conference is being put together leaves a lot to be
> desired."
> Fenello and other critics on mailing lists dedicated to
> domain-name policy have complained conference
> organizers made too many decisions in private. "It's
> very simple things. It's keeping people informed, even if
> they don't have answers to questions," Fenello said.
> "This does need to be an open process.
>On Sat, 4 Jul 1998, Jay Fenello wrote:
>> Sascha,
>> You are objecting to a one paragraph summary of a six
>> hour group discussion. Here are some subtleties:
>by the way where are the informations about this meetings anymay ??
>> This is only the first meeting in the IFWP process.
>> More will follow. We have the EC meeting on the 7th,
>> the INET meeting on the 24th and 25th, and the Asia/
>> Pacific meeting on August 12th. We have various
>> discussion lists that are all dedicated to these
>> issues, including this one.
>no problem with that
>but a problem that this "ifwp is the umbrela" for all of this meetings !?
>> Everyone who participates in *any* of these activities
>> was defined as an IFWP participant! And that includes
>> Kent Crispin, Dave Crocker, and Sascha Ignjatovic!
>no way mr.crispin personaly and probably in his capacity as pab
>chairman !-by the way whats with pab with gtld-mou.. not a word from ifwp
>declares him self not represented in ifwp and me too NOT !
>so why you are "defining" the ifwp as the
>"allincluding" organisation than ?
>ifwp is one of the organisaions-one of many but not the the "highest
>suprime" organisation of wich we are "just parts of"
>you should better forget this this will never work
>> That's why we were able to get consensus on this item,
>> otherwise the many CORE, ISOC, and International members
>> of this working group would have objected. They didn't.
>> Regards,
>> Jay Fenello
>it is nice that you are so unity-angaged and so good minded but
>unfortunatly i can not accept your statement and offer that this
>ifwp is the organisation wich will lead the incorporation of the new iana
>it is one stakeholder but not "the summ of stakeholders"
>thank God that iana is in the right hands of dr.postel who garants
>that such "take overs" by "parts of the wholle" can not hapen !
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>> "None of us knows where all this is heading, but if we get
>> it right, we have an opportunity that only comes once every
>> couple of hundred years."
>> -- Ira C. Magaziner
>we exactly know where internet is heading mr.magaziner
>dont wory
>be happy :-)
>thank you