PAB Should we speak?

Kent Crispin (
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 08:06:41 -0700

Folks, I have forwarded some messages to the PAB list expressing
concerns about the "IFWP process". Those are my personal
expressions, of course, and are not meant to express the sentiment of

But I am curious to know what the sentiment of PAB is. The Green
Paper and the White Paper have effectively blocked the MoU from
progressing, and, as has been expressed several times, we are thrown
back in time a year and a half. Probably within the next six months a
new IANA will be formed, and then a "names council" (Jon Postel's
term), and then at some point some new TLDs will be added. This new
structure will almost certainly incorporate elements of the the MoU,
since the MoU basically covered a lot of the ground pretty well.

PAB is the body that most directly represents the 200 odd signatories
of the MoU -- POC and CORE cannot make that claim -- and an official
PAB position potentially carries significant weight.

The question: is there an interest in PAB in forming a position on
the matter of the "new IANA"? A collective PAB position could be very
influential: the list of MoU signatories is an impressive list.

I honestly have no particular ax to grind in this matter -- I will,
as always, express my personal opinions in various places. But I
think the collective voice of those who have supported the MoU should
have an opportunity to be heard, if it wishes to speak.

Comments, please.

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