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Tue, 7 Jul 1998 00:06:15 +0200 (MET DST)

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Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 14:16:15 -0400
From: Brian E Carpenter <>
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Subject: List of POC candidates


The following candidates were nominated for the POC by the closing
date (see attached call for nominations) and are willing to serve
if appointed. The IAB intends to reach a decision on the two
appointments shortly. Any comments should be sent to by July 13th. Such comments will be treated
as confidential.

Dan Cohen
Lars-Johan Liman
John-Francis Mergen
Rick Wesson
Pindar Wong

-- Brian Carpenter (IAB Chair)

--------------- original call for nominations -------------


Last August, the IAB appointed two people to the Policy Oversight
Committee (POC) established under the gTLD Memorandum of Understanding
(see ). One of these appointments (Rob Austein)
was for one year. The other one (Patrik Faltstrom) was for three
years, but Patrik has recently resigned from the POC following his
appointment to the IESG. The POC Chair, David Maher, has requested
the IAB to appoint two new people, one to complete Patrik's term
until August 2000, the other for a three year term until August 2001.

The appointees are expected to act as individual experts, not
as delegates or representatives of the IAB or the IETF. As last
year, the IAB has decided to appoint persons with strong technical
expertise in DNS and Internet technology and with a strong claim
to have an international outlook. The IAB has further decided
to make an open call for nominations from the IETF community.


1. This message is the call for nominations, which should be sent
to by the closing date of 24 June 1998.

TO **

2. Each nomination must give the name, affiliation, email address
and phone number of the nominee, plus a brief statement (maximum
10 lines) about the nominee's technical and international credentials.

3. Self-nominations are allowed.

4. The IAB will verify each nominee's willingness to serve for two
or three years.

5. The list of willing nominees will be published by the IAB shortly
after the closing date. Confidential comments from the community will
be solicited. The IAB will then make its two appointments as quickly
as possible, and announce them at or before the August IETF.

6. Apart from the above, the IAB will be guided in its deliberations
by the procedures defined in RFC 2282.

7. Nominees must accept that a recall procedure, analagous to that
defined in RFC 2282, may be invoked at any time during their terms.

Brian Carpenter (IAB Chair)