PAB news from geneva

Sascha Ignjatovic (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 18:52:10 +0200 (MET DST)

hi pab

now at sunday morning i am back from geneva where i have atended the
geneva ifwp meeting

hope that the resoults would be soon available at the
home page

it was interesting to see how this kind of consensus finding process is
taking place

in the same time it is a complicaited endevour

some of 150 people where at the core meeting on friday afternoon and
evening and saturday wholle day until early evening-i have left the
meeting and geneva at 19.00 so i dont know what was after

there where some general panels at friday morning about governments
and internet in general where mr.magaziner was present a
governement-ministry of telecommunicaiton from netherlande and france
and dr.postel was also there where also the domain name system was talked
about-the hall was full and as soon i get the digital picture and put them
on the web i will send you the url so that you can get a impression how it
looked like there-i dont know how many of you hase taken the chance to
look either on the mbone feed or the real/audio/video from the general

there where general session and working groups on 3-4 isues as i

they have meet than work in details than meet again and than work again
and i dont know what the conclusion was but there where papers from the
working groups and i think that they will post them as soon they can-the
people will travel on sunday back i think

it is complicaited to tell you what was descided but it was discussed
about the structure of the board and dutys and powers of the board about
the councils and that this new iana should be a membership organisation
wich choses the councils or the board etc

i hope that some of the people who are on the pab mailing list and was
there-i saw javier sola-who is by the way the new elected vice president
for conferences of the internet society ! congratulations :-)-a very
importend position becouse the inet98 was a great confernece-about 1.700
people where registered and it was nice for me to see at first time-i was
not ablle to travel to big computer conferneces in usa to see so many
internet people on one place the sessions and lectures was in very good
quality further i saw mr.amadeu abril who was very active in
contributing either at the panels as questionar or true the loyars working
group etc further mr.dave crocker was there-probably he can give us also
a short impression what was reached as he understoods the item much better
than me and there where some more other people who i know from the first
gtld-mou meeting in geneva and from the pab list-posibly some of them
could also inform you

dr.postel was all the time at the name sessions as so also mr.heath and
also gabe batista from nsi and some other interested organisations and
persons :-)

the wholle thing is complicaited but i hope the slowly the new
organisation is taking shape

as in the news also mr.magaziner is shure that this work will produce a

ok so much from now

i expect as you some more infos from other people who where there

ps.also mr.gabe batista from nsi was there and hase participaited with
intention to sugest privat ovnership over gtld but this is unlikely
that it will hapen