Songbird's Acceptable Use Policy

Use of Songbird's facilities implies agreement with the following policies, and any further modifications or additions to these policies:

Songbird's facilities must not be used

  1. in support of any illegal activity, including copyright infringement or other intellectual property offenses
  2. to display or transmit threatening, obscene or harassing materials
  3. to interfere with or disrupt other network users, network services or network equipment, including but not limited to:
  4. to use Songbird's servers as a node of a peer-to-peer file transfer system, or to otherwise use excess bandwidth of file storage for purposes other than maintaining a web site, unless otherwise authorized by Songbird

Customers are solely responsible for the content of all network traffic they originate, and assume all liability thereof.

Access to Songbird is for the individual customer only. Passwords or other access controls are not to be shared. We take computer and network security very seriously at Songbird, and require that our customers do also.

Passwords that are used to access Songbird services must be good passwords, as discussed at

While we at Songbird are all in favor of adult behavior, for various reasons Songbird will not host sites with what is euphemistically referred to as "adult" content.

No Warranty: Network, hardware, and human failures do happen; and security from malicious behavior on the part of others cannot be guaranteed. Songbird makes no warranty of availability of services of any kind. In particular, Songbird cannot guarantee the integrity or availability of data, and customers are strongly encouraged to keep local backup copies of all important data.

Payments: Service is on a calendar month-to-month basis, starting on the first of each month. Partial months count as a whole month. Songbird reserves the right to terminate service at any time, at its own discretion; in such a case Songbird will refund credit for unused whole months, if such exists. Customer may also terminate service with written notice, at any time. Billing is on a yearly basis, and may be paid by cash, check, money order, or certain credit cards.

Privacy: Barring a court order or other compelling reason, Songbird does not make customer information available to anyone. However, please note that web pages, domain registrations, and certain other Internet artifacts are intrinsically public. Moreover, data that travels the public Internet (in particular, email) is visible anywhere along the path. Therefore, while we make our best effort, Songbird makes no guarantee that any information on its servers will remain confidential. Note also that as a matter of technical necessity, all unencrypted data on any machine is visible to the administrators of the machine.

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