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Leonard Thurman - My first river trip through the Grand Canyon was as a passenger on a commercial motor rig with the old Fort Lee Company in 1976. The following year, I went to work for Fort Lee running one-days in Glen Canyon and "swamping" down river in the Grand Canyon. My career (read: real job) kept me away from the canyon until 1982 when I began packaging charter trips for groups. I ended up running enough trips to earn guide status (thanks to some terrific folks at Moki Mac and Colorado River and Trail), but I am primarily a private boatman these days. My wife and I share a deep love for the Grand Canyon and try to get on the river as often as our careers and family life allow. We hope that this list will help create a network for those who share our passion.

Kent Crispin - I came late to the idea of going through the Canyon by boat -- I went backpacking there many times, starting back in the early '70s, and I always thought of boating as the "soft" way to go.

But times changed. Several years ago some friends and I did a commercial trip. I then realized I was the victim of a blind prejudice, that there is a Zen thing all its own to running the river, and I needed to make up some lost time.

But time is always in short supply, and in the hectic meanwhile, I fuel my dreams by hosting this list.

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