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The Grand Canyon Boaters' List has several purposes:

  • To provide a place where worldwide friends of the Canyon can meet;
  • To help persons with non-commercial river trip permits find other qualified private boaters to assist in putting together their Canyon trips;
  • To provide an information resource for people interested in river trips in the Grand Canyon;
  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues concerning the Canyon, the River, and the Park;
  • To further goodwill among all types of river runners, and friends of the Canyon;
  • And finally, it's here for fun.

This list is intended for private boaters, commercial guides and outfitters, National Park Service personnel, and people who love the Canyon. But please note the following guidelines:

Impolite behavior and flaming are strongly discouraged. The temptation for unpleasant words most frequently comes up in discussions of the politics of access to the Grand Canyon, but harsh words in any context are suspect. Direct and personal verbal attacks are grounds for immediate removal from the list, regardless of topic and regardless of provocation. The list is partially moderated -- spam, flames, email viruses, posts contrary to list rules, and other dementia may not be forwarded to the list.

There are a number of political issues concerning the Grand Canyon. People come down on different sides in these issues, and sometimes they have very strong feelings. The gcboaters list is NOT a good place to stand and shout at your political opponents. Polite discussions of Grand Canyon politics are OK, but there are other lists you should use if that is a primary concern, in particular the list. Subscription information for riveraccess is at the bottom of this page.

This list is not intended for advertising of commercial river trips in the Grand Canyon. (A List of Commerical Outfitters is available on the Grand Canyon River Running site, and information on commercial trips can be obtained by calling the river office at Grand Canyon National Park, 1-800-959-9164.)

However, information about private equipment for sale or trade is OK and encouraged. Ads may also be submitted to the GCBoaters Classified Ads. You can fill out our online form to submit an ad, as well.

More important, this list is definitely not to be used for private permit holders to sell spaces on their trips. This is against National Park Service (NPS) policy and rules. Breaking this rule would damage one of the most valuable uses of this list, so this rule is strictly enforced. Subscribers interested in arranging trips through this list should be familiar with all applicable National Park Service (NPS) rules and regulations regarding non-commercial river running in the Grand Canyon. The list and its logs are available to the NPS for use in the regulation of non-commercial river running and the enforcement of federal law.

Subscription information

If you are new to Internet mail lists the process can be a little confusing, so we describe the steps in considerable detail. If this kind of stuff is unfamiliar to you it is probably worth reading over the following steps fairly carefully. According to the logs about a quarter of the subscription attempts fail; if you don't receive email from "majordomo" something went wrong, and you should carefully check back through what you did, and try again, if necessary.

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    auth 154f1340 subscribe gcboaters

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Further discussion of how to deal with this problem can be found here.

AOL users may have a special problem -- we've never tried the following recipe, but it may work for you:

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  2. Mangled confirm message. Your mail software may wrap lines, so instead of seeing
     auth 154f1340 subscribe gcboaters
    you see
    auth 154f1340 subscribe gcboaters
    You carefully follow the directions and only send a single line, but unfortunately, the line was modified by the software. The confirm line you send back should have 4 "words": "auth", an authorization code (154f1340 in the example), the word "subscribe", the word "gcboaters", and the simplest complete form of your email address. Nothing more, nothing less.
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  4. Confirm reply sent to wrong address. As mentioned above, there are two (2) email addresses involved:, and "majordomo" is a software robot that reads mail messages and manages email several lists (more than just gcboaters). "gcboaters", on the other hand, is a very large list of email addresses of people who love the Grand Canyon. If you want to talk to people about the Grand Canyon, you send mail to gcboaters. If you want to subscribe to gcboaters, you sendm mail to majordomo.

    You may want to check another reference for majordomo commands or meet the list administrators. If you have problems using this form, try sending mail to the webmaster.

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Other Email Lists:

To join the riveraccess list, send a message to


subscribe riveraccess

Another very interesting list hosted by is the rivers list. It is low volume, but has occasional fascinating discussions of hydrology, ecology, and other scientific and technical aspects of rivers. Subscribe as you do to "riveraccess", except substitute "rivers" for "riveraccess".

Updated: January 17, 2000