Kent Crispin's Home Page

"Knowledge, proceeding through judgements, is self determination of the Universal"
-- Kitaro Nishida

"The conditions of the solitary bird are five:
First, that it flies to the highest point
Second, that it does not suffer for company, not even of its own kind
Third, that it aims its beak at the skies
Fourth, that it does not have a definite color
Fifth, that it sings very softly"
-- San Juan de la Cruz

"It is a sign of wisdom not to do hasty things..."

From the Grand Canyon...

Weekdays I work as a computer scientist. In my spare time I work on Songbird, enjoy my family, music, and the world.

Here's my resume. It was produced a few months ago during a period of great turmoil at the workplace -- one of those "If my boss comes in, get his name" kind of situations. If you discount my marketing fluff it's fairly accurate. For privacy reasons I leave out certain me if you are interested.

I have done time in the Grand Canyon. Last fall I took another river trip there, and kept a sketchy journal.

Daddy and Sara seeing themselves in the "QuickCam".

Oh -- here's my pgp key: