charter - question and some suggested new text

From: Adam Peake (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 06:47:14 PDT

A question about the charter and a suggested addition re. membership of
political parties.

II. Membership Criteria
The NCC will have two types of membership. Voting members and non-voting

We recognize that some organizations that are non-profit and engage in
non-commercial activities may be eligible for other DNSO constituencies,
but in order to focus the efforts of the NCC, such organizations are
eligible for voting membership in the NCC only if they are not voting
members in any other DNSO Constituency. Non-voting members can participate
in the discussion list, submit proposals to the Constituency and
participate in all open teleconference calls and physical meetings.

We understand that many subgroups have separate interests and a separate
voice from their parent organizations. Those subgroups are welcome to
participate fully and actively in the Constituency as non-voting members.


When we say non-voting members may submit proposals do we mean resolutions?

Does non-voting mean non-voting in ALL constituency votes (i.e. votes on
resolutions, elections, and anything else we may think of), or just
non-voting in elections for Names Council and Adcom?
I am not the only one confused by this - was a question in Yokohama - so we
should clarify.

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Additional text for political parties?

Political parties are welcome to join the NCC, however, their voting status
will be decided by the constituency membership after review of the
application on its merits. Organizations whose primary purpose is to hold
government office or to develop or influence governmental or public
policies will be granted non-voting status. Organizations whose primary
purpose is political activism will be eligible for voting status.

III. Organizational Principles (etc. etc.)

Answers and comments?



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