Gratuitous comments

From: Eric Brunner (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 11:52:49 PDT

Kent, remaining AdCom members, ncc-charter participants,

Looking over

1. Goals

Strike the reference to the DNSO. If the NCC exists, it exists independent of
its status within the DNSO.

Strike "speech", as it obviously misleads people.

II. Membership Criteria

Rather than start with 501(c)(3) and attempt its equivalent, assert .edu
and .org (prior to its flooding) and extend via general guidence.

Decide if the NCC has a human rights charter (other than the "speech" red
herring), and if so, add appropriately, e.g., "Organizations having standing
before the UN Human Rights Commission Working Group on Indigenous Peoples,
or the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples, or Member Organizations of
the International Labor Organization or .. (complete as desired) are eligible
for membership in the NCC."

III. Organizational Principles

No recommended changes.

V. Voting Principles, Proposals and Overall Organization

Address the NCC's stand-alone organizational requirements, e.g., a functioning
secretariate, an AdCom, etc. Then address a para dealing with the NCC seating,
a subject that traditionally drives people to excesses.

A. DNSO Names Council and NCC Administrative Committee
Add the KathrinK text: candidates may not select their successors or otherwise
depricate the role of the AdCom (more below).

B. Voting Principles

Everywhere in ICANNia, minority people, e.g., Indians in America, Maoris in
New Zealand, etc., are ignored by "geographic distribution".

Lead ICANN, insist on equity within specific regions for people on the wrong
side of the digital divide. Put some teeth in "diversity".

C. Voting Proposals

Restructure so as to not be dependent upon the NC formula to find the non-NC
AdCom seats. Construct the AdCom using votes+regional, then the NC seating
priority (1-5, not 1-3, recalling the KathrinK/Meuller botch).

D. Membership Required To Run; Nominations Require a Second
E. Voting Results Shall Be Publicly Announced

No recommended changes.

F. Alternates

This may be mooted by the specific KathrinK text added to section A.

G. Resignation or Withdrawal

Strike the "[..]" final sentence, it just leads to the KathrinK/Meuller botch,
and that isn't worth repeating. NC seats don't go to regions, they go to the
AdCom with a selection priority, a "next" rule.

H. Term of Names Council and Administrative Committee

No recommended changes.

V. Sign up for Membership and Communication via Website and List

A. Sign up for Membership

Strike "speech" again, as it obviously misleads people.

There is a challenge mechanism to screen out unsuitable applications, but it
is tied to the application process. The mechanism needs to be made available
at will, not before an applicant is "well known". Every bit of ICANNia lacks
a decent means test for venality, stupidity, and insanity. The NCC needs to
shed its fakes if serious issues are going to be solved, as it is little
comfort to point out that the cost to join is low, if the utility of joining
is even lower.

B. List
C. Website and Listserv Host
VI. Charter Amendment

No recommended changes.

This ends my gratuitous comments as a non-member of the NCC. Good luck!


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