Re: charter - question and some suggested new text

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Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 11:59:32 PDT

To add more precision to Kent's comments, it is clear that ICANN will not
allow an alternate system that allows the alternate to sit in on and
participate in Names Council activities simply because the elected
representative cannot attend. The cited reasons for rejecting that were that
it gives us "more than three" NC members.

Thus, Andrew refers to "the seating of temporary proxies."

It seems clear from this logic that there is no problem with a named
alternate system, in which a specified person stands available to assume the
NC seat for an elected member who resigns, dies, etc., until the next

That would not be "the seating of a temporary proxy." That would be a change
in one of the three NC members.

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> It is unambiguous and clear that neither the NC nor ICANN is going to
> permit alternates -- see
>, and the
> preceeding and following discussion.
> In fact, it is so clear that I am not sure that the version of the text
> that I proposed is adequate to deal with the issue. Andrew's review of
> the associated language in the ICANN bylaws is pretty stark.
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