Re: [ncc-charter] Re: Replacing Section F of the Charter

From: Milton Mueller (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 11:32:40 PDT

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    From: "Kent Crispin" <>

    > You just invalidated your own argument about motivation. On the other
    > hand, Adam's point in fact makes a lot of sense. You (and Vany) are
    > proposing "alternates" or "assistants" who are to take on some of the
    > work that we elected the adcom for.


    Adcom members represent regions. there are 5 of them. Replacement candidates
    may help, and hey, did you notice that ANYONE can help? But officially,
    replacement candidates are not Adcom members and cannot replace their
    functions. Nor will they, under section F.

    Does the NCC has so many people willing to work for it that we have to
    ration and restrict those who can? Did something change while I was sleeping
    last night?

    I am puzzled by this debate. I don't think the whole issue is all that
    important, but the replacement proposal is clearly superior to the
    alternative, and the arguments against it are obviously straining to come up
    with increasingly lame excuses. What is this debate really about? Will
    someone tell me?

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