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From: Dany Vandromme (vandrome@renater.fr)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 10:25:01 PDT

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    Dear member,
    As I notified in a previous mail, I came up with a endless discussion with
    Milton, with a "compromise" which seems unreachable, about the principle
    of a vote for a single name or for a two-name for the adcom member

    I understand that Milton is interested by taking over KK seat in the NC,
    but I stay very attached to the principle that all adcom members should be
    elected from a single name ballot (except for the interim period, which
    should not last longer that the required duration to organize a new

    I pointed out also, that Milton as a potential candidate, and myself (or
    Vany) as possible candidate (as Adcom members), should not be the only
    actors of the charter rewriting. When I accepted to join the charter
    group (ncc-charter), I was not expecting that the difficulty would raise
    from that specific election topic.

    I would encourage the remaining adcom and ncc-charter members to come to a
    final version which should be submitted for comments to the constituency.

    I remind you that ICANN is expecting to see an adopted version of our
    charter in a short delay. Not having that charter would take off
    credibility of the election we must have in september. I urge you to react
    promptly to that problem, preferably without the endless debate of Milton
    and I.

    Best regards


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