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Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 14:57:48 PDT

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    On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Milton Mueller wrote:

    > Folks:
    > It's time to wrap up the replacement issue. Below, I have tried to
    > summarize the two proposed methods objectively, so that we can vote on them
    > and move on.
    > We cannot vote quite yet, however, because there are still some undefined
    > attributes of the Adcom succession method. Advocates of that method should
    > fill in these blanks quickly and then we will move to a vote of the charter
    > committee.
    > --------------------------------
    > Common features of both methods:
    > 1. An election for three Names Council members is held every two years
    I would rather write:
    1. An election for five AdCom members is held every two years
    > 2. The three candidates from different regions who get the highest number
    > of total votes are Names Council (NC) members
    > 3. The two candidates from the two regions not included in NC with the 4th
    > and 5th highest vote totals are Adcom members for those regions.
    3. is not needed with the suggested correction of 1).
    > 4. Adcom consists of 5 members, one from each ICANN-designated region
    > If one of the three NC members resigns or is eliminated, two succession
    > methods are proposed.
    Let's talk first about AdCom member resignation.
    > a. Replacement candidate method
    > - Each candidate for NC selects a "running mate" that will replace
    > him/her in such an event. The replacement must be from the same region and
    > must be the NCC representative of a member organization.
    > - The name of the running mate is included on the ballot with the
    > main candidate
    > - The running mate is not considered an Adcom member or a Names
    > Council member until or unless the elected candidate resigns or is
    > otherwise removed from office
    > - If the NC member resigns or is otherwise removed, the running mate
    > takes over the position
    > - No new election is held until the original two-year term is
    > finished, at which point all 5 Adcom and NC positions are elected at the
    > same time.
    OK for this option
    > b. Adcom succession method
    > - If a Names Council member resigns or is otherwise removed, the
    > Adcom member from a different region who ranked fourth in votes in the
    > original election replaces him/her temporarily, until a new election is held.
    > - Adcom meets to schedule a new election (should some time period be
    > specified?)
    > - In the new election, the Adcom members who represent the two
    > regions that were not represented on the Names Council must run as
    > candidates from that region.
    > - (Are other candidates from those two regions permitted?)
    > - Members from regions already represented on the Names Council
    > cannot run in this election
    > - All NCC members can vote in this replacement election
    > - The candidate from one of the three regions not already
    > represented on the NC who gets the largest vote total is the new NC member.
    > - The two candidates from the three regions not already included in
    > NC with the 2nd and 3rd highest vote totals are Adcom members for those
    > regions.
    I see an overwhelming difficultyu with milton's wording: It deals first
    with the NC seats. I would prefer to deal anytime with Adcom seats, with
    the consequences that the three highest voted Adcom members are NC rep.
    I will be away of my mail for 36hours from now.
    I will propose a different wording on saturday, unless someone from the
    ncc-charter does it for me in between.

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