Re: [ncc-charter] new words - where from?

From: Adam Peake (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 05:04:34 PDT

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    Answer my own question, sorry for the confusion.

    Dany used the original charter from the constituency foundation (August 99)
    for amendments. I was referring to the charter Raul Echeberria sent to
    ICANN on February 1 (or January 31st. Email to the NCC list is dated Feb.
    1) <>, the charter I believe
    ICANN recognizes, correct?

    Shouldn't we be using the February 2000 version of the charter as the basis
    for amendments?



    >There are some changes in the new combined charter
    ><> that seem to have come from
    >*Further, membership is limited to organizations that are not also
    >*members of other DNSO constituencies. We recognize that some
    >*organizations that are non-profit and engage in non-commercial
    >*activities may be eligible for other DNSO constituencies, but in
    >*order to focus the efforts of the NCDNHC, such organizations are
    >*eligible for voting membership in the NCDNHC only if they elect not
    >*to join other constituencies. They may, however, join the NCDNHC as
    >*observer members.
    >Where did "observer members" come from and why was the other wording cut?
    >Is the inconsistency between the "observer" wording and "non-voting" in the
    >paragraph that follows it deliberate?
    >Perhaps I lost some email while traveling, but the last message I think
    >sent to our group on this subject was by me on Wed,16 Aug 2000, Subject:
    >Re: [ncc-charter] Re: charter - question and some suggested new
    >Needless to say I disagree with the new paragraph.

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