[ncc-charter] charter amendment - non-voting members?

From: Adam Peake (ajp@glocom.ac.jp)
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 02:04:56 PDT

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    I think we need to say what non-voting membership means.

    Current charter text says:

    *Non-voting members can participate in the discussion list, submit
    *proposals to the Constituency and participate in all open
    *teleconference calls and physical meetings.

    There was confusion in Yokohama about this. We have the November ICANN
    meeting coming up, it is an issue we should resolve now (we've already had
    some discussion.)

    I assume proposals = resolutions under the new scheme.

    I think we should clarify what we mean by "participate".

    may non-voting members submit proposals/resolutions?
    (at the moment, I think the charter says yes.)

    may non-voting members participate fully in all discussion of
    (unclear, the non-voting members in Yokohama we reluctant, they/we weren't
    even sure if they could propose amendments to resolutions, or how
    forcefully they could present their views, etc.)

    may non-voting members vote on proposals/resolutions?
    (in Yokohama they/we did not know if they could vote so they did not vote.)

    May have implications for the Markle Foundation/Salzburg Seminar travel
    grant. Non-voting members are eligible for travel grants, but if we are to
    limit their ability to participate in our meetings that might be reviewed.
    Certainly Salzburg Seminar would want to be informed of grant applicants
    membership status, they were confused by what non-voting meant before

    My view
    Preferred: non-voting members should be able to propose resolutions,
    participate fully in all meetings, and vote on resolutions.

    Acceptable: voting members of other DNSO constituencies can propose and
    participate, but not vote on resolutions. Chapter members may propose,
    participate and vote on resolutions.



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