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Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 12:13:01 PDT

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    On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Milton Mueller wrote:

    > At 03:05 PM 9/8/2000 +0900, Adam Peake wrote:
    > >I believe Rob Courtney also favored option 2 for the replacement "accession
    > >of the AdCom member with the fourth-highest level of votes" etc.
    > That would make a majority. So at least something has been settled.
    > >Non-voting members can participate in Constituency discussion lists,
    > >propose and discuss resolutions and participate in all physical meetings.
    > >Non-voting members have no voting rights in the constituency and its
    > >processes and cannot participate in constituency Adcom teleconference calls
    > >unless invited by unanimous consent of Adcom members.
    > >
    > >OK to proceed as far as I'm concerned.
    > Hope this one is ok with everyone now, too.
    It seems that we came finally to some kind of agreement for the charter.
    Who among Ken, Adam or Milton would be willing to collect all the agreed
    change into a single text, which should be posted on the list (and
    possible on the web) for comments by the constituency?

    Second point, and not the least, It would be more than appropriate to
    start the election process, by posting also the agenda on the list (as
    agreed at the last confcall) which took already almost 2 weeks delay.
    Election agenda should also be posted on the web.

    For your info, Rita has been working all summer long, and she is gone for
    vacation till the end of september.
    Sorry about the lack of her support during that month.


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