Re: [ncc-charter] another try and text on non-voting

From: Milton Mueller (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 09:10:31 PDT

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    At 03:05 PM 9/8/2000 +0900, Adam Peake wrote:
    >I believe Rob Courtney also favored option 2 for the replacement "accession
    >of the AdCom member with the fourth-highest level of votes" etc.

    That would make a majority. So at least something has been settled.

    >Non-voting members can participate in Constituency discussion lists,
    >propose and discuss resolutions and participate in all physical meetings.
    >Non-voting members have no voting rights in the constituency and its
    >processes and cannot participate in constituency Adcom teleconference calls
    >unless invited by unanimous consent of Adcom members.
    >OK to proceed as far as I'm concerned.

    Hope this one is ok with everyone now, too.

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