Re: PAB The next step

From: Sascha Ignjatovic (
Date: Sat Jan 31 1998 - 15:21:14 PST


thank you for offering your vuews and thoughts
(i am sory not to citing hier your mail it would make this mail
 much longer and more complicaited and the most of the people
 geting this mail hase already read it so i apologize it)

it could be one of the posible scenarios

but i see you have not adressed the major architects and people
behind the internet like the isoc and iana

for me they still have something to say to "us"

the "plan" of the usg can be also vuewed as antony hase alreday
analyse it and mr.maher agree on it and mr.dan also come to the conclusion
that the usg plan is the gtld-mou plan in reality-they just dont call them
so :-)

it is some kind of victory for the gtld mou movement wich is not
"official" it was some kind of very fine diplomacy of the usg to
make a "new plan" wich is in its core very similar to the gtld mou plan

the prove may be that the iana hase a central and strong rolle in the
"new plan"

so i complitely trust the people from iana and isoc that they would come
up with some next step as they are the architects of present development

so in this way i would like to thank all the pioniers and great internet
persons who hase guid us until now and will guid as also in the future

i am complitely confident and trustful to them and i accept them as
my leaders and not the usg-altough it may be a "good servant and desciple"


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