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From: Peter Mott (
Date: Sat Jan 31 1998 - 14:35:38 PST

The USG green paper is out, what should the gTLD-MoU organisation's
next step be?

If we are to accept that the USG will exert sufficient energy to ensure the
model sketched out in its green paper comes to life and that today's IANA /
Postel is going to comply with the USG or at least not do anything which is
inconsistent with the GP ...

What should the gTLD-MoU organisation do now?

Under the USG proposal,

* Each registry operator is only eligible to apply for a single new gTLD
* CORE is an organisation that would probably qualify for a new gTLD
* CORE would be required to allow any registrar approved under USG model to
be a registrar in the name space they are a registry for.

So as a registry, CORE could not offer any benefits to its members without
having to offer them to non-CORE registrars.

CORE will need to operate the registry operation at a considerable profit to
recover its investment to date, and the operational costs associated with
doing business with a potentially very large number of customers.

Another option is for CORE to establish 5 operating companies (one for each
gTLD on offer)and make multiple applications for registry status.

I think this goes against the intention of what the USG has in mind, and one
way or another they would see this possibility *not happen*.

Does CORE still want to play the game?

And what of POC / PAB and the MoU itself?

PAB is already dead in the water due to the fact that most of its members
were in it to be a registrar (they maybe having second thoughts now), and
very few other signatories are taking part.

POC continues to justify its position, attempting to influence others,
without the marketing skills of the business world.

And the gTLD-Mou itself is very much at odds with a model proposed by the
Government of the United States of America.

Are we so committed to our view of the world that we wont or cant change?


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